About Dudek QA

This app is under construction! At the moment, it is just a peek at what we are building. Stay tuned for more updates, you will be able to view all the data you collect in:

  • Dudek Forms
  • ESRI Collector
  • Avenza Maps
  • ...and more!

For the time being, we encourage you to poke around, and let us know: how do you want to use your data?

ESRI Collector: Getting Started

ESRI Collector is a free app you can download on your iOS device, which enables you to collect points, lines, and polygons in the field. You can even go off the grid. No Trimble Needed.

To get started, please check out the video below, and also download our Quick Start Guide:

Dudek Forms: Getting Started

Dudek Forms is a compendium in your pocket. Collect forms even in remote areas and sync them up with our server later.

To get started, check out the video below:

Avenza Maps: Getting Started

Avenza Maps Pro is another great app you can use on your iOS device for site navigation.

To get started, download the app and grab a license key.